six different kinds of demister pad used in the chemical industries.

Demister pad for removing liquid droplets from gas or vapor streams

Demister pad, a efficient and economical product for gas and liquid separating and filtering, has a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmacy, petroleum, papermaking and other fields. Boegger Industech Limited can supply you all kinds of demister pads for your different equipment, application and environments. Here a typical application of demister pad in the gas and liquid separator tower:

A Monel material demister pad on the gray background.
Metal demister pad is mainly including stainless steel and non-SS metal demister pad. They all have high strength and mechanical property. They can be used in the heavy duty and high loading applications. Additional, the metal demister pad has outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance and chemical stability to be used in the high corrosive applications.
Plastic Demister Pad
A PP drawer type demister pad on the gray background.
Plastic demister pad features lightweight and economical. They are cheaper than the metal demister pad but high efficiency and durable. It mainly contains PP demister pad, PE demister pad, PVC demister pad, PTFE demister pad and so on. They are lightweight for easy installation and transportation. Temperature resistance and corrosion resistance performance make them be used for a long service life.
A perforated plate stainless steel random packing on the white background.
Random packing is flexible, various types and high filtering efficiency. The random packing can be divided into Raschig ring, pall ring, cascade mini ring and other ring types with metal, plastic and ceramic materials. They are flexible, large flux and low pressure drop to be used in a wide rang of applications for gas and liquid separating and filtering.
A perforated plate stainless steel random packing on the white background.
Structured packing has mainly wire gauze type and perforated plate types. It has metal, plastic and ceramic materials to suit different applications and devices. Different geometrical shape and corrugation angle structure make the packing has larger contact area with gas stream, and improve the filtering and separating efficiency.

Hot Products
Two packed tower are standing on the blue background and we can see the inner structure.

Packed tower, composed of tower packings and internals is ideal for mass transfer in gas and liquid separating, distillating and filtering.

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A packing tower drawing with grating type and multi-beam type packing support plate.

Packing support plate, one of tower internal, has grating and multi-beam types for random & structured packing support in absorption and distillation tower.

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A piece of stainless steel multi-beam packing support on the ground.

Multi-beam packing support, made of several support beams, is easy installing and transporting in distillation and absorption tower for random packing support.

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The most popular products and specifications
  • Demister for removal of droplet size from 100 to 10 microns installed in a vertical two-phase separator 48 inch diameter.
  • Mesh pad type demister pad measuring 32 inches OD and 6 inches thick with 304L stainless materials.
  • Demister pad used as a part of FRP scrubber for fiberglass products.
  • Rectangular demister pads 18 inch × wide 6 feet long × 6 inch thick 316SS, application for mist eliminator.
  • Demister pad, size Dia 442 × 150 Thk, SS316L, support grid Dia 392mm (SS316L), hod down bar 3mm T × 25mm W × 527mm L, pad density 144kg/m3.
  • SS316L Demister pad OD 2290mm × 100mm Thick for carbonate regenerator reflux drum.
  • Demister pad, 440mm wide × 564mm long × 100mm thick, 316SS, 33 SWG, density 191kg/m3, void ratio 97%, rectangular wire mesh pad.
  • Demister pad, 2 feet wide × 4 feet long × 10 inch thick, 316SS, 33 SWG, density 145kg/m3, free volume 98.5%, for gas / liquid drum, rectangular pad.
  • Wire mesh demister with carbon steel grid supports, outer diameter 14 7/8", thickness 8", mesh quality AISI 304SS, mesh density #9.
  • Demister thickness of 300mm and 192kg/m3; of Specific weight. T= 40 °C - 63 °C , W= 1.5kgf/cm2; G, Mass flow rate = 127kg/h, Density = 3.8kg/m3.
  • Demister pad materials and specific application conditions are listed below, which will help you choose proper materials quickly based on your application.

  • We have various metal and plastic demister pads for you to choose from. The table listed below will help you choose proper demister specifications perfect for you quickly.

  • Stainless steel demister pad, made of SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 321, with thickness 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 mm is hot ordered by customers.

  • Non metal demister pad including Teflon, PVC, PTFE and fiber demister pad with thickness 3" - 18" is hot ordered by customers.

  • Non-SS metal demister pads include monel, titanium, inconel, AISI 904L, demister pad, with wire diameter 0.26 - 0.28 mm for evaporation.

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A stainless steel knitted wire mesh demister pads.

Demister pads made of stainless steel knitted wire mesh for gas and liquid separation.

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Brown / Italy

We bought several kinds of demister pad for our gas and liquid separator tower. They all plays perfect and improve filtering efficiency.

High Filtering Efficiency and No Blocks
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I bought the demister pad for separating the gas and liquid in chemical industry, it really played good and high efficiency.