Monel 400 Demister Pad -Nickel and Copper Alloy for Efficient Separator

Monel is a type of nickel and copper alloy material. It has good property of corrosion and temperature resistance. The Monel 400 demister pad is a high efficient demister pad, which can reduce the residence time when separate the liquid droplets from vapor. Using the Monel 400 demister pad can reduce the volume and associated cost of separator equipment.

The Monel demister pad had excellent corrosion and caustic resistance performance, so it can be used in the harsh environment, such as sea water. The Monel demister pad is also characterized by the temperature resistance. It has good mechanical properties from subzero temperature up to about 480 °C.

A Monel 400 demister pad on the gray background.

Monel 400 demister pad is corrosion and rust resistance.

Characteristics of Monel 400 demister pads

  • Corrosion and caustic resistance. It can maintain good condition from pure water to nonoxidizing mineral acid, salts and alkali.
  • Temperature resistance. It has good mechanical properties from subzero temperatures ip to about 480 °C.
  • Better resistance in reducing media. The Monel 400 demister pad is more resistance than nickel under reducing conditions and more resistant than copper under oxidizing conditions. The resistance property is better in reducing media than the oxidizing.
  • High filtering performance. The Monel 400 demister pad has high efficient filtering performance, which the filtering rating can reach above 98%.

Specifications of Monel alloy 400 mist eliminator

  • Material: Nickel and copper alloy material.
  • Diameter: 1000 mm - 4100 mm.
  • Thickness: 10 mm - 200 mm.
  • Filtration rating: 98% - 98.9%.
  • Chemical composition
Alloy Ni Cu C Mn S Si Fe
Monel 400 63.0 Min. 28.0-34.0 0.3 max. 2.00 max. 0.024 max. 0.50 max. 2.50 max.


  • Feed water and steam generator tubing.
  • Brine heaters, sea water scrubbers in tanker inert gas system.
  • Heat exchangers in various industries.
  • High temperature environments.
  • Transfer piping from oil refinery crude columns.
  • Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive environments.
A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.