Packing Support Plate – Grating Plate and Multi-Beam Support Types

Packing support plate, also called packing support grid, is an important tower internals in the packing tower. As its name says, packing support plate is designed for supporting the tower packing bed, including random packing and structured packing. It is also important to load the liquid weight and ensure the normal and smooth mass transfer. The large open area and strict design ensures high efficient gas and liquid distribution and prevent liquid blocking and liquid flooding. Grating type and multi-beam type are designed for structured packing and random packing in different environments, pressure and pressure. Here are the brief introduction of the two type packing support grid. If you want to know more details, click it and get a comprehensive understanding.

Types of packing support grid
  • Packing support grating plate. It is designed for structured packing and some random packing in sulfuric acid absorption tower, drying tower and cooling tower.
    • Reinforced bar added. Reinforced bars are added onto the bottom and top of the grating plate to increase the stiffness and strength.
    • Suit structured and random packing. The grating plate design can not only support structured packing, but also the cross ring random packing.
    • Welded onto tower wall or supporting ring/plate. No matter the small diameter or large diameter packing support grating plates are welded onto tower wall or supporting ring/plate on the tower wall for rigid and firm structure.
  • Multi-beam packing support. It is designed for random packing, especially for ring shape and saddle shape random packing in absorption, distillation, washing packing towers.
    • Multiple materials to suit different environments. Carbon steel, stainless steel, PP, CPVC, FRP and ceramic.
    • With or without frame for different tower diameter. Packing support with frame for smaller diameter packing tower and packing support without frame for larger diameter packing tower.
    • Sectional structure. Sectional structure for easy entering tower from manway and easy installation.
A packing tower drawing with grating type and multi-beam type packing support plate.

PSP-01: Packing support plate has grating type and multi-beam type for structured and random packing supporting.

A piece of stainless steel multi-beam packing support grid on the blue background.

PSP-02: Multi-beam packing support grid.

A piece of carbon steel packing support grating plate on the blue background.

PSP-03: Packing support grating plate.


  • High strength and stiffness. The packing support plate should bear the weight of tower packing and liquid as well as bear the extra pressure during operation, such as pressure surge, mechanical vibrating and temperature surge.
  • Enough open area rate. The open area rate of packing support plate should be larger than the voidage of tower packing. In this way, can it ensure gas passing and prevent liquid flooding.
  • Large frees section area. The free section area for liquid pass should be 1.5 times of tower packing surface and larger than the open area of tower packings. If the free section area is too small, it may cause liquid blocking, pressure drop increase, lower efficiency and even liquid flooding.
  • Simple structure. It is designed with simple structure for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Suitable structure. The structure should benefit the liquid and gas uniform distribution and remains small resistance (not larger than 20 Pa).
  • Corrosion resistance. It must be stable in the chemical and other corrosive environments.


  • Sulfuric acid absorption tower.
  • Cooling tower.
  • Drying tower.
  • Distillation tower.
  • Washing tower.
A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.