Fiber Demister Pads Eliminate Particles, Smokes and Liquids

Fiber demister pad, also called fiber bed demister pad, fiber bed candle filter, it is a continuous duty collector fiber devices, which is used for controlling mist and smoke in various manufacturing processes. It can remove the fine particles from a gas stream.

Fiber demister pad is composed of two concentric cylinder made of corrosion resistant wire mesh frame. The two cylinder has a 5 cm spacing. Then the fiber bed are placed between the spacing. The wire mesh frame can support the fiber bed and it can protect the fiber from shedding even it is used for a long time. In this way, it can extend the service life of the fiber demister pad and improve filtering efficiency.

The fiber bed candle filter are placed vertically. When the gas pass through, the trapped liquid particles are filter out the fiber bed. The gases can be filtered from the inside-out or outside-in bed filter according to the site condition and installation ways.

The fiber demister pad is commonly supplied in entire structure, which is completely modular. And the detachable design make it is easy to replace the worn fiber bed.

Several fiber demister pad with welded wire mesh frame on the ground.

Fiber demister pad has high filtering efficiency and solid structure.

Specifications of fiber demister pad

  • Material: glass fiber.
  • Size: 12" width × 120" length × 4" thickness.
  • Wire mesh grating type: welded wire mesh and expanded metal mesh.
  • Contact surface: 400 m2/m3.
  • Free space: 98.5%.
  • Efficiency:
    • 99.5% for mist and smoke.
    • 99.97% for 0.3 microns particles
    • 100% for particles greater than 3 microns.
Several fiber demister pads with welded wire mesh support frame.

Welded wire mesh support frame.

Several fiber demister pad with expanded metal support frame.

Welded wire mesh support frame.

Features of fiber demister pad

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Extreme temperature resistance.
  • Easy to replace worn parts.
  • High filtering efficiency to eliminate the visible chimney mist.
  • Capture fog particles of less than 0.1 microns or smaller submicron.

Applications of fiber demister pad

The fiber demister pad is suitable for double absorption process in the sulfuric acid absorption tower productions. It can also be used in the chlorine production for eliminating water, drying tower and filtering acid mist.
Fiber demister pad is especially suitable for sulfuric acid plants, nitric acid plants, and hot phosphoric acid plant, chlorine and other chemical plants.
Pulp mill, textile mills, asphalt saturated tower, food processing, chromium plating process, turbine lubricating oil tank exhaust pipe and plastic molding.

A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.