FEP Demister Pad - High Filtering Efficiency and Low Pressure Drop

Fluorinated ethylene propylene is the copolymerization of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoropropylene, which is colorless and transparent. It has the same properties with PTFE demister pad, such as chemical stability, nontoxic and temperature resistance. Additional, the FEP demister pad has outstanding dielectric property and high strength to be used in gas and liquid separations.

FEP demister pad types

FEP demister pad is widely used in various fields for liquid and gas separation. To suit more applications, the FEP demister pad is designed into different types, you can refer to them and choose the perfect type suitable for you.

According to demister pad shape:

  • Round shape.
  • Rectangular shape.
  • Ring shape.

According to demister pad structure:

  • Embedded demister pad.
  • Drawer demister pad. Suitable for large devices for easy installation and transportation.
  • Wavelike demister pad. Increase contacting area and improve filtering efficiency.
A round shape FEP demister pad on the ground.

FEPD-01: Round shape FEP demister pad.

A ring shape FEP demister pad on the ground.

FEPD-02: Ring shape FEP demister pad.

A FEP demister pad with carbon steel grating in the wooden case.

FEPD-03: Drawer type FEP demister pad.

A wavelike FEP demister pad on the ground.

FEPD-04: Wavelike type FEP demister pad.

Characters of Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP or F46)

  • Low water absorption. The water absorption is lower 0.01%.
  • High mechanical property. the mechanical property is similar to the PTFE demister pad at room temperature. It can remain good mechanical property under the 200 °C environments.
  • Good toughness and creep resistance. These properties is better than the PTFE demister pad ate the room temperature.
  • Low friction factor. The friction factor is just higher than the PTFE and lower than other plastic materials. And the friction factor will decreases with the increasing loading.
  • Chemical stability. It is very stable in all of the dilute or concentrated inorganic acids and alkali.
  • Excellent dielectric properties and electric insulation properties. The electrical property is not influenced by the electric field frequency and environmental humidity.
  • Exceptional weather resistance performance.
  • Excellent flame resistance.
A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.