PE Demister Pad - Drawer and Wavelike Type for Gas and Liquid Filtering

Ethylene is polymerized by the thermoplastic resin and form the polyethylene. In the industrial applications, the PE contains small constituents of ethylene and α-olefin copolymer.

PE demister pad, also called polyethylene demister pad, is a widely used type among all plastic demister pads. Compared with PP demister pad, the PE demister pad has same characters with them, but it has its own characters for applications

With so many characteristics, the PE demister pad is widely used in the chemical, pharmacy, paper-making, petroleum and other industries for gas and liquid filtering and separating.

PE demister pad can be made into various types and shapes to suit different applications and devices. The PE demister pad can be made into round shape, rectangular shape, ring shape and various other special shapes according to customers requirements. The PE demister pad can also be made into embedded types, wavelike types and drawer types to suit different devices for easy installation and transportation.

A round shape PE demister pad on the gray background.
PEDP-01: Round shape PE demister pad.
Several rectangular shape PE demister pads on the ground.
PEDP-02: Rectangular shape PE demister pad.
A drawer type PE demister pad with stainless steel gratings on the ground.
PEDP-03: Drawer type demister pad.
A wavelike type PE demister pad with stainless steel gratings on the ground.
PEDP-04: Wavelike type demister pad.

Specifications of PE demister pad

  • Wire diameter: 0.2 mm, 0.22 mm, 0.23 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.28 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.35 mm.
  • Mesh size: 2 mm × 3 mm, 4 mm × 6 mm to 12 mm × 6 mm.
  • Height or thickness: 100 mm to 150 mm.
  • Pad diameter: 300 mm - 6000 mm.

Features of PE demister pad

  • Outstanding low temperature resistance. It can play good condition under the -100 °C.
  • Excellent chemical stability. It can resist most acid and alkali based solvent.
  • Small water absorption performance.
  • Good electrical insulation property.
  • Heat aging resistance. It can be used for a long service life.


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A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.