Flame Arrestor Element Allows Gas Passing and Extinguishes Flame

Flame arrestor element is made of wound corrugated and flat metal strips as the main part of flame arrestor. It prevents the spread of fire by the design of its gap.

As the main component of the flame arrestor, the flame arrestor element is suitable for flammable gas pipelines, such as gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, crude oil and other oil storage, gas purification and emission systems of coal seam. The flame arrestor element can be used with a breathing valve.

The parameters of flame arrestor element, such as crimp height, thickness and diameter can be formulated.

Four different sizes of flame arrestor elements.

Different sizes of flame arrestor elements

Working principle

When a mixture ignites in a gap, the flame spreads towards the non-combusted mixture. The expansion in volume of the combusted mixture pre-compresses the noncombusted mixture and accelerates the flame. By heat dissipation in the gap layer of the flame arrestor element, transferring flame to the surface of the waved gap and cooling-down the product below its ignition temperature, the flame is extinguished.

Available types

There are two types of flame arrestor elements. One is made up of two corrugated strips, and the other is made up of a corrugated strip and a flat strip alternately wound into a coil.

A corrugated-flat flame arrestor on gray background.

Corrugated-flat flame arrestor element

Corrugated flame arrestor on white background.

Corrugated flame arrestor element


  • Explosion-proof.
  • Corrosion prevention.
  • Good fire resistance.
  • Easily clean.
  • Easily install.
  • Different textures.
  • Multiple specifications.

Classical applications

  • Various flame arrestors.
  • Atmospheric tank.
  • Oil storage tank.
  • Gas pipeline.
A flame arrestor element is put in flanged flame arrestor.

Flame arrestor element

The arrestor element is used in deflagration flame arrestor.

Deflagration flame arrestor

A detonation arrestor with flame arrestor element in a factory.

Detonation arrestor

The flame arrestor is applied in incinerator.


Common specifications
Item Crimp Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) Mandrel Diameter (mm)
FLAE-01 0.6 24 160 6
FLAE-02 0.6 38 280 10
FLAE-03 0.6 29 190 7
FLAE-04 0.7 37 250 11
FLAE-05 0.7 36 210 9
FLAE-06 0.7 26 160 6
FLAE-07 0.8 38 300 12
FLAE-08 0.8 22 200 7
FLAE-09 0.8 26 180 6
FLAE-10 0.8 35 220 10
FLAE-11 0.8 36 220 10
FLAE-12 0.8 38 290 12
FLAE-13 0.8 35 210 9
FLAE-14 0.8 36 250 10
FLAE-15 0.8 38 270 11
FLAE-16 0.8 29 200 8
FLAE-17 0.8 30 200 8
FLAE-18 0.9 20 150 6
FLAE-19 0.9 38 230 11
FLAE-20 0.9 38 280 12
A man is testing the mandrel thickness of flame arrestor element.

Mandrel thickness test

A man is testing the mandrel diameter of flame arrestor element.

Mandrel diameter test

A man is testing the outer ring thickness of flame arrestor element.

Frame thickness test

A man is testing the diameter of flame arrestor element.

Element diameter test

A man is testing the thickness of flame arrestor element.

Element thickness test

A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.