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Established in 2000, Boegger Industech Limited is committed to production and researching of demister pads and packing materials. Our products are highly praised by our customers and established long term win-win cooperation. Our main products contain knitted mesh demister pads, random packing, structured packing and plate mist eliminators.

Our aim to become the products manufacturer and solution provider of packing materials. Supply more qualified products to satisfy our customers' requirements.

We can help our customers to occupy more markets in local markets for our distributors and improve gas and liquid separation efficiency and save costs for our terminal customers.


Our workshop occupies 10,000 square meters and owns 60 sets of knitting machine in different models. We have 180 employees including skilled workers and technicians to increase the production efficiency and reduce production loss.

10000 m2 Workshop
60 Equipment
180 + Employee
20 years Export experience
A worker is stitching the boarder.
Several parts of demister pads are packed into woven bags.
A knitting machine is producing knitted mesh.
A production line of knitted wire mesh.

Perfect Quality

We are ISO 9001:2015 certificated enterprise, which all products and production are supervised under authority. Besides, we have strict QC system in every link of demister pads production. We claim that every demister pads and related products our customer received is qualified and strictly tested.

A vernier caliper is testing the supporting bar sizes.

Smooth & Flat Welding Pot

To extend the service life of products, all products obey strict welding principle: all welding adopts non-corrosive flux and they will be cleaned and tested after production.

Several pieces of demister pads are packed in wooden cases.

Perfect Package

Every demister pads and packing materials will be perfectly packed to protect goods from damage and corrosion during transporting. Meanwhile, our perfect package will be beneficial to your storage and distribution. Moreover, we can customize your favorite logos and packages for your satisfication.

R&D Innovation

Demister pad is a packing device used in towers for removing entrained mist (droplet), recycling expensive droplet (valuable substances), purifying gas and reducing impurities in the gas when gas and liquid flow up and down.

Currently, the demister pad on the market is horizontally spliced wire mesh sections sandwiched by upper and bottom grids and support devices. The wire mesh sections can be both in metal and plastics. Due to its high flexibility, the metal wire mesh leaves splicing gaps between sections, resulting in gas and liquid rising and carrying residual mist impurities away directly, thus reducing the mist elimination efficiency of the demister pad.

Therefore, in consideration of technical issues aforesaid, a demister pad with an improved structure is required to tackle defects mentioned above.

Through repeat technology innovation and reform, we have developed a new demister pad that can solve the issue of lower efficiency arising from splicing gaps without changing the demister pad diameter, density, pressure drop and other parameters.

The new splicing method of the metal demister pad enables the entrainment mist not separated by the lower mesh section due to splicing gaps being separated by the upper mesh section when it rises. In this way, the demister pad increases its mist elimination efficiency significantly, and improves the purity of gas discharged, thereby lowering the emission of harmful gases and liquids.

The picture shows how mist evolves in the demister pad sliced by type 1.

Type 1

The picture shows how mist evolves in the demister pad sliced by type 2.

Type 2

Sales Team

We have professional and considerate sales team to provide the utmost user-friendly service to vast of our customers with a solid foundation and sustained progress. Our pre-sales will give you some introductions and suggestions of our products. Our sales representatives will give you detailed recommendations and design solutions to your specific applications. Our after-sales will solve you all problems during transportation and installation.

All members of Boegger Industech Limited is ready to serve you about demister pads.
A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.