Completed Devices for Liquid and Gas Filtering

Two packed tower are standing on the blue background and we can see the inner structure.

Packed tower, composed of tower packings and internals is ideal for mass transfer in gas and liquid separating, distillating and filtering.

A packing tower drawing with grating type and multi-beam type packing support plate.

Packing support plate, one of tower internal, has grating and multi-beam types for random & structured packing support in absorption and distillation tower.

A piece of stainless steel multi-beam packing support on the ground.

Multi-beam packing support, made of several support beams, is easy installing and transporting in distillation and absorption tower for random packing support.

A piece of galvanized packing support grating plate on the gray background.

Packing support grating plate, metallic or plastic, is widely used in the tower packing for structured packing and some random packing support.

A packed tower and three types of liquid distributor (through, perforated pipe and orifice type).

Liquid distributor, through, perforated pipe and other types in metal & plastic material supplies uniform liquid distribution for high mass transfer efficiency.

Circle shape SS demister pad with support grid.

Here are descriptions of demister pad working principle, features, wire form, standard, using method, installation and maintenance. Contact us for more.

A round and a rectangular shape mister pad on the ground.

Mister pad, made of metal or plastic materials, has standard, wavelike and various other types to be used in the gas and liquid separating applications.

A stainless steel demister pad with carbon steel support grating.

Stainless steel demister pad with high corrosion and temperature resistance and durable life, is widely used for gas and liquid filtering and separating.

A rectangular shape Titanium demister pad on the ground.

Non-SS demister pad, including Titanium and nickel types is widely used in chemical, salty and high temperature environments for liquid and gas filtering.

Five rectangular shape PTFE demister pads on the ground.

PTFE demister pad has outstanding temperature and corrosion resistance performance to be used in the high corrosive applications for liquid and gas filtration.

A column shape compressed knitted mesh on the gray background.

Compressed knitted mesh is widely used in chemical, petroleum and other fields for filtering, purifying, shock absorption and noise reduction.

A knitted mesh filter with stainless steel wire and crimped supporting grill.

Knitted mesh filter with corrosion and rust resistance materials is widely uses in industrial fields for liquid and gas or oil and gas filtering and separating.

A roll of stainless steel gas and liquid filter on the gray background.

Gas and liquid filter with standard, high-efficient, high-penetration and shock abosorber types is widely used for gas and liquid separating and filtering.

A FEP demister pad with carbon steel grating in the wooden case.

FEP demister pad with chemical stability, weather and flame resistance is used in corrosive applications for gas and liquid or vapor filtering and separating.

A round shape PP demister pad on the ground.

PP demister pad with lightweight and solid structure is widely used in the environmental protection applications to filter out the dirty liquid foam.

Several rectangular shape PE demister pads on the ground.

PE demister pad with excellent chemical stability and heat aging performance is widely used in chemical and petroleum for liquid and gas separating.

Several fiber demister pad with welded wire mesh frame on the ground.

Fiber demister pad with fiber bed and wire mesh support grating has high filtering efficiency and long service life to remove the liquid, particles and smokes.

A drawer demister pad with stainless steel grating.

Drawer demister pad with more than 50 kinds of diameters and materials to be used in chemical and pharmacy for liquid and gas filtering.

A stainless steel wavelike demister pad on the ground.

Wavelike demister pads with weave structure has larger contacting area and higher efficiency in gas and liquid separating and filtering applications.

Two ring shape embedded demister pads on the ground.

Embedded demister pad with knitted wire mesh panel and supporting grating structure can filter out the particles, liquid and foams from gas stream.

Two rolls of knitted wire mesh on the gray background.

Knitted wire mesh with various materials and types is widely used in chemical, oil and marine industries for shielding, filtering and cleaning.

A Monel 400 demister pad on the gray background.

Monel 400 demister pads with good resistance to corrosion and temperature is widely used in the oil, chemical and marine applications for efficient separator.

A flexible turbulator on the gray background.

Turbulator is inserted into the tube of the heat transfer to increase the turbulent flow and improve the heat transfer efficiency.

Four different sizes of flame arrestor elements.

Flame arrestor element is made of wound corrugated and flat metal strips. It is designed as the core of flame arrestor to prevent the spread of fire.

Three plastic Raschig ring on the gray background.

Random packing with metal, plastic and ceramic materials has various types is used in packing towers for separating, absorbing and cooling.

Nine metal pall rings on the gray background with different sizes.

Metal pall ring with high quality material has high mechanical strength and chemical resistance to be used in separating and absorbing applications.

Several plastic pall ring with different on the black background.

Plastic pall ring with chemical resistance and temperature stability is widely used in chemical and harsh environments for gas and liquid separator.

Five ceramic pall ring with different sizes on the gray background.

Ceramic pall ring with different diameters and thickness can be used in chemical anc metallurgy for absorbing, separating, cooling and desiccation.

A perforated plate structured packing on the floor.

Structured packing with wire gauze and plate types and various materials is high efficient and low pressure drop for separating.

A rectangular plastic vane demister pad on the ground.

Vane demister pad with metal or plastic materials and various shapes and structures can be used in industries for gas and liquid separations

Two stainless steel vane plate demister on the ground.

Plate demister, including vane demister pad and structured packing has large flux, low pressure drop and high filtering efficiency.

A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.