The Demister Pad Structure Brief Description

Demister pad mainly consists of wire mesh blocks and mesh blocks fixed supporting device. And wire mesh blocks are composed of wire mesh and wire mesh grill. Wire mesh filters are gas-liquid filters that made of metal wires or non-metallic wires. The non-metallic wire of gas-liquid filter is twisted by the number of shares of non-metallic fibers, can also for non-metallic wire as a single strand of PP and PTFE and other engineering plastics, can also be used mixed-type gas-liquid such as the mixture of metal and fiber wire or metals and engineering plastics. Our wire mesh demister filters and supports devices are in accordance with the Ministry of Chemical Industry HG/T21618-1998 mesh demister standard production (the thickness and density of the demister can also be based on the needs of users production).

Our products of demister pad are not only can filter out the larger liquid suspended in a gas stream, but also able to filter out smaller and tiny liquid foam. They are widely used in the chemical, petroleum, manufacturing of towers, pressure vessels, and other industries of the gas-liquid separation apparatus.


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A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.