Demister Pad International Nickel Price Trend Analysis

Although Greece decreased the risk of the introduction of the euro area, but before more good news comes out, dips willingness of funds remains strong, overnight London Nickel remains under pressure, short-term living in about 17,000 repeatedly. Monetary policy loosening in China to continue to improve the popularity overnight London Nickel continuation of a technical rebound late heavy on more than 17,000 in the short term there will be repeated. Greek election results boost the market. Aaron Nickel rebound blocked. Short interest alive wandering is around at 16,500. Manufacturing data in the United States and Europe is less than expected, people prospect for industrial metals demand, coupled with the recent economic data and more poor therefore expected Aaron Nickel hovering around at 16,500.

The international rating agency had lowered the German rating outlook, the market hedging warming lead overnight financial market turmoil. Aaron nickel hit lows for the year, technically still weak, below, or test the $ 15,000 mark.

Overnight Forum copper fell below $ 8,200.  It is normal technical adjustments that market messages are ineffective; expected that this wave of adjustment will continue. Nevertheless, the downside is still relatively small and is expected to short-term Aaron copper will gradually go flat.

Affected by weaker economic fundamentals, the overnight London nickel remains weak trend fell slightly, short-term is still 5 days moving average support, but rose slightly weak, on the whole continue to see high and volatile.


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A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.