Demister Pad Supplier - Completed Products and Enthusiastic Service

Boegger Industrial Limited one of the professional manufacturer of demister pad, is keen to producing high quality products and research more products suit customers' requirements.

If you want some products for liquid and gas separator, but have no idea how to choose them, just browse our website. We can supply you all kinds of gas-liquid separator products with various types and materials.

The main types of products are including knitted wire mesh demister pad, random packing, structured packing, vane type demister pad. They all have own characters and can be used in different applications. For example the gas-liquid separator tower, the demister pad, random packing, structured packing are placed one by one for high efficient filtering and separating. These demister pad is widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, gas chemistry, and other chemical industries.

A rectangular shape and a round shape demister pad on the ground.
Demister pad can be made into different shapes.
A wire gauze and a perforated plate type structured packing on the gray background.
Structured packing has wire gauze and perforate plate types.

How to ensure the high quality products

  • Advanced equipment. Advanced equipment is the basic and important element for the high quality products. The advanced equipment can produce accurate specs and shapes. All our equipment are imported from foreign countries, which can supply strict quality control and after-sales.
  • Skilled workers. Skilled workers is key to produce qualified products. They know how to operate the equipment and how to reduce production loss, improve production efficiency and arrange the production schedule.
  • Strict test process. All the products are tested before loading. All the testers are trained strictly, they test the products according to strict flow and obey industrial standard. They can ensure all the products our customer received are qualified and can be test during using.
A vernier caliper is measuring the thickness of support grating.
Support grating thickness test of PP demister pad.
A meter ruler is measuring the diameter of PVC demister pad.
Diameter test of PVC demister pad.

What we can supply for you are not only the high quality products, but also perfect package, enthusiastic service and professional technology supports.

Perfect package can extend the service life of demister pads and protect the products from water and shocking. And our service persons will give you professional answer and solution for choosing and using demister pad. If you meet any problem during using the demister pad, just contact the technicians, they will give you fast and useful suggestions.

Several pieces demister pads with plastic films in the wooden case.
Demister pad in plastic film and wooden case package.
A pallet of packed demister pad with plastic film and several panels in bulk.
Demister pad in plastic film and pallet package.
A packed tower and we can see the column internals, demister pads and random/structured packing clearly.